About Us

Global Technology Group was established in 2003, provide a board range of world-class telecommunications services initially. Later on, group diversifies to the verticals business sectors including TMT (Technology, Media & Telecommunications), Financial Services, Trading, Real Estate and Consultation. We offer our services to a diverse range of clients – a Large Enterprise, Corporate or Mid-market company or a Small and Medium sized business or a Public sector government enterprise.

We are being operated with over 500 employees in which mostly are Business Development Professionals, Consultants, engineers, ICT Experts, and Financial Experts.


  • Integrity – take pride in our commitment
  • Transparency – fairness and high ethical standards
  • Excellence – build trust & loyalty
  • Partnership – strengthen the relationship

    A Sustainable Group for Myanmar:

    • Create Healthy Environment
    • Facilitate Socio-Economic Growth
    • Promote Quality of Life


    • Create Millions Job Opportunities in 2020
    • Shaping GDP Growth as Myanmar National Company
    • Be one of the Largest Tax payer in Myanmar
    • Transparency and Environmental Stewardships for the Country
    • Towards International